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Your local  premium OVEN Cleaning Service

64 Yarborough Road Grimsby,

North East Lincolnshire, DN34 4DJ

Telephone: 01472-239759   

Mobile: 07843-569954

Email: info@ovenpixie.com

Call Today 01472 239759 : 07843 569954  Or take a picture of your oven with your mobile  and text it with a quick message to mydirtyoven@ovenpixie.com OvenPixie
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We take extra special care of your hobs. We not only clean them, we will do our best to restore them to there former glory. We use special cleaners and tools to polish and remove scratches from as many surfaces as we possibly can.

Extractors can get quite greasy in just a short amount of time. We clean all around the housing, and either replace the filters if required or if they are the metal type soak them in our degreasing bath until all the gunge has been removed.

If your microwave has got to the point where it seems like it is impossible for you to clean because the stuck on food has become so hard. Then let us help you we can remove all the baked on on food for you with our special pixie power.

In around 2 to 4 hours depending on the size, we will give your oven the  best clean it’s ever had, giving it that nearly new shine once more. This will help in prolonging the life of your oven, your food should taste better and it also become less of a fire hazard.







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