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Mon to Fri 08:00 - 17:00

Your local  premium OVEN Cleaning Service

64 Yarborough Road Grimsby,

North East Lincolnshire, DN34 4DJ

Telephone: 01472-239759   

Mobile: 07843-569954

Email: info@ovenpixie.com

Call Today 01472 239759 : 07843 569954  Or take a picture of your oven with your mobile  and text it with a quick message to mydirtyoven@ovenpixie.com OvenPixie
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Oven Pixie

Oven Pixie has lost her little friend Casper. He has managed to get himself lost amongst the  pages of this web site whilst chasing a cat. If you can find him Oven Pixie will be so grateful and give you 5% off the price of your oven clean.

Find Casper Game Oven Pixie Games

Click inside the square

Click once to find Casper then click again to find you discount code.

Now see if you can find him, he could be anywhere?


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